LSU Alumni Spotlight (3)

LSU Alumni Spotlight

LSU Alumnus Spotlight: Tal Leming

LSU Alumnus Tal Leming founded his own company, Type Supply, in 2005 and has worked with clients such as the US Soccer Federation and National...

Baton Rouge

LSU Alumnus Spotlight: Josh Wilson

LSU Alumnus Josh Wilson founded the Mission: St. Louis in 2006 to assist people of all generations through education, employment, and community.

LSU Alumni Spotlight

LSU Alumnus Spotlight: Chris King

LSU Alumnus Chris King founded the Cajun Army in 2016 in order to help restore homes in Louisiana, Texas, and North Carolina.

LSU Alumni Spotlight

LSU Alumnus Spotlight: Dr. Boyce Clark

LSU Alumnus Dr. Boyce Clark shares his journey as an environmental consultant to a haircare product specialist. LSU has provided him with so many of...

LSU Alumni Spotlight

LSU Alumna Spotlight: Kate Eddy

LSU Alumna Kate Eddy shared why she is proud to be an LSU Alum, her best advice for LSU students, why she loves working in comedy for The Second...

LSU Alumni Spotlight

18 Questions with LSU Alumni: Keith Comeaux

LSU alumnus Keith Comeaux currently serves as the Deputy Chief Engineer at NASA for Mars 2020 Mission. Watch Keith discuss happenings at NASA as well...

Los Angeles

18 Questions with LSU Alumni: Dillon Couvillon

LSU legend Billy Cannon passed away at the age of 80 on May 20, 2018. His legacy reaches far beyond his heroics on the football field. Learn more...

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