Tiger Advocates is an organized group of Louisiana State University alumni, friends, fans, future alumni, faculty and staff (#LSUTIGERNATION) who are committed to communicating LSU’s goals to Louisiana legislators. Our mission is to be a collective voice for LSU to help ensure it is the best it can be – a top-ranked United States university that educates Louisiana’s future leaders, drives the state’s economic development, produces breakthroughs in scientific research and serves the people of our state.  

What does becoming a Tiger Advocate mean? 

There is no cost to join Tiger Advocates.

Once you complete registration, you will receive email notifications at critical times when your voice needs to be heard in the state legislature.

With just a click or call, your legislators will know that TIGER NATION is closely monitoring legislative decisions that impact the future of LSU and 49,000 of our  state’s most gifted future alumni. 

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The LSU Alumni Association is a privately funded nonprofit organization whose supporters are graduates, former students, and friends of the University. Tiger Advocates is a grassroots legislative effort sponsored by the LSU Alumni   Association.  The inclusion of links or pointers to particular legislative items is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation by LSU.