Ed Cullen

Ed Cullen, an LSU journalism graduate, is author of Letter in a Woodpile, a collection of his essays for National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.” He is retired from the Baton Rouge Advocate where he wrote the Sunday column “Attic Salt.”

Stories by Ed


Uniting Baton Rouge Through Music

Nanette Noland (1980 BACH H&SS) founded Kids’ Orchestra to share music with children from all over Baton Rouge, and cross-pollinate children from...

LSU Fine Arts

A 'Soulful Journey' with Randell Henry

LSU Alumnus Henry Randell is an acclaimed artist who has traveled all over the country showing his work. But he is truly at home here in Louisiana.

LSU Alumni Spotlight

LSU Alumnus Spotlight: Chris King

LSU Alumnus Chris King founded the Cajun Army in 2016 in order to help restore homes in Louisiana, Texas, and North Carolina.

LSU Alumni Spotlight: Marc Buie

LSU alumnus Chris Cummings founded Pass It Down, an award-winning digital storytelling platform that helps brands and cultural institutions around...

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