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18 Questions with LSU Alumni: Terri Broussard Williams

LSU Alumna Terri Broussard Williams discussed why she is proud to be an LSU Alum, the impact LSU had on her, why she loves working for American Heart Association, and what she has in common with Reese Witherspoon.


TERRI BROUSSARD WILLIAMS, BA Mass Communication 1999

How do you feel being back on LSU campus?

I love being here. Every time i'm back I get goosebumps. Standing here between the conference center and the hotel you have a view of the University Recreation Center and I get so jealous! There are so many modern technologies inside and opportunities for the students keep fit while on campus. I continue to be impressed by the way LSU finds ways to grow and resources to keep students engaged especially during these tough budget times in our state. This is still a first-class institution and that makes me so proud.

What are you up to these days? 

I live in Austin, TX where I serve as Vice-President of Government Relations for a non-profit. I also launched a website - a new blog - called It's a place where I encourage people to go to be inspired to start change in their community. I've been writing stories - some about LSU Tigers - and people around the world that are doing things that are really BIG. It's a whole lot of fun! 

Tell us about your morning routine. 

Terri Broussard Williams 2

I wake up at about 4:00/4:30 - I'm that crazy person! I head to the gym and usually listen to news on the radio. I don't discriminate - I get a little CNN, MNBC, and Fox - and get ready for my day in that manner. I usually do a little blogging in the morning as well and then go to work!

What extracurricular activities did you get involved in when you were a student at LSU? 

A little bit of everything. I was extremely involved! Most of my time was spent in the student government office. We loved us some Ms. Mary! I was a part of the Slocum-Trahan administration and I was also a student ambassador for two years. 

What is your favorite song right now? 

Nice for What! (Drake) 

How do you spend a Saturday in Austin? 

Austin is a beautiful city! Most Saturdays my husband and I do something fun around the city like try a new restaurant. Lately we've been spending a lot of time in Downtown Austin. There's a library we love and there's a new place called the Seaholm Plant that has beautiful places to sit outdoors and have dinner or lunch. 

What is your favorite sports team?

I have one big one - it's LSU/Saints! You gotta love both!

Who is your hero? 

I have so many people that I look up to. Quite honestly, there isn't one person. As I have this journey in life, different people have inspired me along the way. Right now, I'm really inspired by Marie Forleo. She is a very positive person that encourages people to think big and not be afraid to try things that are new.

Terri picWhat are your personal goals for 2018?

I want more people to join the movement maker tribe. I'm really looking forward to just having fun. I turn 40 in a couple of days so I want to spend time traveling and seeing things I haven't seen and doing things I haven't done and just living it up. 

What makes you most proud to be an LSU Alum?

I love this place so much. I was a part of the student government association when we launched Groovin on the Grounds and that's something students still enjoy. We also raised the fee to have more money going to structures including the African American Cultural Center. I think that's what spurred my love for public policy and change. When I look back at the way LSU aids leaders of the future I think that's something that I share with everyone. 

Who would play you in the movie of your life? 

I would say Reese Witherspoon for a few reasons. 1 - She was born in Baton Rouge. 2 - She is definitely a boss babe. She is igniting change within her own industry and creating her own movement. and 3. She was a lobbyist in Legally Blonde 2! 

What is the best part of working for American Heart Association?

There aren't many things you can do in life and say you save lives. Quite recently we passed a law in every state that says that students have to take CPR before high school graduation. I see newspaper articles all the time where there's a student who saved someone's life at a movie cinema or at the mall and they got that CPR training in school. That's when I know that what I do does matter and makes a difference.

If you weren't doing that what would you be doing? 

I was a television major at LSU. I worked at WBRZ. I'd probably still be in the newsroom or a press-secretary for an elected official. 

What is one thing most people do not know about you? 

I'm an introvert.

What is your best memory from your time at LSU? 

Serving on the homecoming court in 1999- having the opportunity to ride around Tiger Stadium and wave to your friends and your family and everyone celebrating the university that you love and all that you contributed to the school - that is a memory that I always will have. 

What is one book that shaped you? 

I'm going to go nerd here and say Leadership on the Line. It's all about adaptive leadership and how you should look at situations different to really have systemic change. 

What is the secret to managing everything you do? 

I'm a recovering perfectionist and I've learned that until you let go of that it really doesn't flow. 

If you could take three items on a deserted island what would you bring with you? 

My phone - I don't go anywhere without it. An iPhone charger because I can always do what I need if I have both of those. That third item is always a tough one...probably an old school photo album! 

Thanks for chatting with us, Terri! #LSUTigerNation make sure to check out Terri's new website:

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