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LSU Alumni across the nation shared their love stories with us, and want to share a few of our favorites with LSU Tiger Nation.

There is so much love here in the air at LSU! Whether it was locking eyes in The 459, running into each other in the Quad, or fatefully finding each other in Tigerland, there are so many incredible love stories that started right here on the LSU campus. We asked #LSUTigerNation to share their #LSUAlumni love stories in honor of Valentine's Day and hundreds of proud alumni shared their memories. Memorial Tower is a Tiger family tradition for midnight kisses, engagements, and even weddings! Read our featured Tiger love stories in their own words below. 

IMG_2450Hundreds of LSU alumni submitted then and now photos of them and their loved one for Valentine's Day.

Our #LSUAlumni Love Stories are from:

Lacey Allphin Anderson

Tarah Doggett Arcuri

Belle Caffey Chatelain

Katelyn Gross Ehrhardt

Kellie Blake Hardy

Amy Normand Hebson

Shamika Kelley

Lauren McCoy

Chrissy Fox Roussel

Derrick Sullivan

Hilary Tuttle Trahan

Kate Wetekamm


Lacey Allphin Anderson

Lacey Allphin Anderson - WeddingLacey Allphin Anderson - Family
My husband, Alex Anderson, is a graduate from the LSU landscape architecture program in 2012. I graduated LSUHSC school of nursing in 2013 (I went there specifically to be an LSU grad!). We met in 2011 and LSU has always been a part of our relationship. Our first tailgate together, we discovered our families have been passing by each other’s tailgates since we were babies! My husband proposed to me on the steps of Memorial Tower. We popped a bottle of champagne and drank it on the steps together to celebrate. While we sat there, we said, “You know, this would be a great place to get married!” We were happily married on the steps of the historic Memorial Tower on April 11, 2015, and held our reception was at the Lod Cook Alumni Center on the LSU Lakes. On August 23, 2018 we welcomed our little LSU Tiger, James Richard Anderson.

Tarah doggett arcuri

Tarah Dogget Arcuri - TigerbandTarah Dogget Arcuri - Family

My husband and I met in the Tiger Band our freshman year and started dating the following year. We are pictured above during our junior year at LSU in 2002. We have been married for ten years and have our first baby Tiger on the way. LSU will always be our special place to remind us of how much we truly love each other. 

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