Touring Tigers

Travel through the locks of the historic Panama Canal on a journey between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Venture through the virgin rain forests and bask in the sun on the world's most beautiful beaches. Stand face-to-face with the grandeur of the Panama Canal. Multiple ports will give your vacation a variety. Quaint villages one day. Mayan ruins the next. Peppered with relaxing beach trips and adventurous excursions both sailing above the trees and diving deep beneath the seas.

Mediterranean Renaissance

This cruise begins In Venice where you can take a romantic gondola ride or visit St. Mark's Square. From there, cruise through the Adriatic Sea, where you'll explore 15th Century Venetian Gothic palaces, castles and spires. Visit 1500-year-old churches, discover numerous museums, and Renaissance paintings. In Catania, located on the east coast of Sicily, see the largest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. Catania is rich with baroque architecture, medieval castles, Roman era theatres, and a flourishing cultural and artistic center. The first university in Sicily was opened here in 1434. Finally your cruise will stop in Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy. Civitavecchia was settled in 108 A.D. and has since served faithfully as a gateway to the capital of the Empire-Rome. In Rome, stroll the ancient halls of the Colosseum or gaze upon the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel.

Touring Tigers Hits the Slopes of Utah

The LSU Alumni Association is happy to announce this new addition the Touring Tigers travel options! Love to vacation in the Rocky Mountains? We’re now able to offer you great trips to the SNEAUX! Many LSU Undergrads have experienced winter sports and taken in the majestic views that the rocky mountain peaks have to offer during winter break ski weeks. We have now partnered with the company responsible for managing such great ski packages. We are pleased to announce as our new partner for Ski & Snowboard travel packages. SkiSync is able to offer a variety of options from small family trips to date specific group package to Park City, Utah.

The Official LSU Alumni Ski Trip will be held February 5-9, 2014 in Park City, UT (*please note other date options are available). The $75 deposit deadline is on 10/18/13.

For trip information, please click on the following link:

Join the world’s best golfers at Augusta National for one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world –The Masters. You will enjoy the full Masters treatment, which includes admission to the tournament and fine hospitality at The Executive Club, which includes gourmet meals and a full service bar. The Executive Club is ideally located within walking distance from the front gate of the Augusta National Golf Club.

Pricing is subject to change

Click here to learn about a 10-night luxury cruise to the Alaskan Frontiers and Glaciers.

Tahitiam Jewels - Oceania Cruises: Papeete to Papeete

Imagine a cruise on one of the finest vessels afloat, Oceania Cruises Marina, where every port of call is a Polynesian paradise. Savor the tropical island splendor of Moorea, Bora Bora, Hiva Oa, and more as you sail the beautiful South Pacific. Tahitian Jewels JAN15-25, 2014

Splendors Down Under - Oceania CruisesSydney to Auckland

Visit the land of koalas and kangaroos as you explore fascinating cities down under. Marvel at the stunning landscapes and exotic wildlife of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand while cruising aboard the deluxe Oceania Cruises Marina. Splendors Down Under FEB 21 - MAR 11, 2014

Samba Rythms - Oceania Cruises: Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro

Savor the sights and sounds of South America on the luxurious Oceania CruisesRegatta.Buenos Aires offers the perfect point of departure for a journey filled with historical and cultural marvels in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Samba Rhythms MAR 16 - 29, 2014

Historic Reflections - Oceania Cruises

History springs to life as you sail the balmy seas of the Mediterranean on Oceania Cruises’ elegantRiviera. Ports of call on the shores of France, Monaco, Italy, Turkey and Greece will provide a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences. Historic Reflections April 20–May 1, 2014

Mediterranean Antiquities - Oceania Cruises

Uncover the revered antiquities of the Mediterranean as you sail to fascinating ports on the coasts of Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. Sail aboard Oceania CruisesInsigniaand let medieval ruins, storied cultures and old-world charm bring ancient times to life on this incredible voyage. Mediterranean Antiquities May 21–29, 2014 

Baltic Treasure - Oceania Cruises

The treasures of the Baltic are revealed on this magical voyage aboard the elegant Oceania Cruises Marina. Discover onion-domed cathedrals, Baroque palaces, medieval towns and stunning harbors as you cruise the Baltic Sea to captivating ports in Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Estonia and Sweden. Baltic Treasures June 30–July 11, 2014

Alaskan Frontiers & Glaciers - Oceania Cruises

Discover Alaska’s rugged beauty while cruising on the elegant Oceania Cruises Regatta. From Seattle, sail north to the charming Alaskan ports of Ketchikan, Juneau, Icy Strait Point, Sitka and Wrangell, marvel at the magnificent Hubbard Glacier, and return to Seattle via the lovely city of Victoria, B.C. Alaskan Frontiers & Glaciers July 14–24, 2014

Autumn in America's Heartland - American Queen

Discover glorious autumn foliage along the Mississippi from St. Paul to St. Louis on an authentic river cruise aboard the luxury steamboat American Queen. This all-American voyage features the river in its most classic glory, with rich fall colors, spectacular bluffs and communities born of the spirit immortalized by Mark Twain.  Autumn In America’s Heartland September 19–27, 2014

Spanish Serenade - Oceania Cruises

Savor the sights and sounds of Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, France, Monaco and Italy from aboard Oceania Cruises’ luxurious Marina. Discover celebrated landmarks, exotic structures and natural wonders as you sail the beautiful shores of the Iberian Peninsula to the French Riviera and Italy’s revered west coast.

Accent on the Adriatic - Oceania Cruises

Immerse yourself in ancient history and stunning landscapes as you cruise the azure waters of the Adriatic aboard the deluxe Oceania Cruises Marina. Adriatic wonders come to life with visits to captivating ports on the renowned shores of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Italy. Accent on the Adriatic October 20–28, 2014

Mystical Andes & Majestic FJords

Behold the awe-inspiring fjords, mystical mountains, and enchanting cities of South America, as Oceania Cruises’ elegant Marina takes you on an incredible 20-night voyage to historic ports in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and the Falkland Islands.

Photos and map: Mystical Andes & Majestic Fjords February 2–23, 2015 Regatta

Pathway Through Panama

Discover the pristine natural wonders, spirited cultures and grand colonial architecture of Florida, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico while sailing aboard Oceania Cruises’ elegant Regatta.

Photos and map: Pathway Through Panama April 23 – May 9, 2015 Regatta

River Life - Dutch Waterways - Amadolce 04/06/14 - 04/14/14

Cruise for seven nights in Holland Belgium aboard a state-of-the-art AMA WATERWAYS vessel
during the best time of year! Meet local residents during the exclusive VILLAGE FORUM™ for a
personal perspective of the Low Countries’ modern life and cultural heritage. Visit Amsterdam,
Bruges, Kinderdijk, the Delta Works and Keukenhof Gardens.

European Coastal Civilization - Ms L'Austral 05/17/14 - 05/25/14

Join this seven-night cruise aboard the deluxe M.S. L’AUSTRAL to coastal Portugal, Spain,
France, and Guernsey, one of the United Kingdom’s Channel Islands. Professor
David Eisenhower, grandson of General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower will give an onboard
lecture and accompany you to the Normandy beaches 70 years after Allied Forces made their
historic D-Day landings.

Town - Country - Oxford 06/21/14 - 07/01/14

Spend one full week in quintessential England, with four nights in Oxford’s landmark MACDONALD
RANDOLPH HOTEL and three nights in the charming Cotswolds villages. By special arrangement,
Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill hosts an exclusive tour and lunch in Blenheim Palace, the birthplace
of Sir Winston Churchill. Cambridge Pre-Program and Canterbury Post-Program Options.

Great Journey Through Europe - Amadeus Princess 08/08/14 - 08/16/14

This extraordinary 11-day "Grand Tour” of Europe features five nights aboard the Deluxe AMADEUS
FLEET cruising the most scenic sections of the Rhine River. Visit Switzerland, France, Germany and
The Netherlands and ride aboard three legendary railways—Lucerne’s Pilatus Railway, the world’s
steepest cogwheel railway, the famous Glacier Express and the Matterhorn’s Gornergrat Bahn.

Cruising the Rivieras, Islands of France, Italy, Spain 08/28/14 -09/07/14

Cruise for seven nights from Rome to Barcelona aboard the exclusively chartered, Five-Star M.V. 
TERE MOANA. Visit the sun-drenched landscapes of the French and Italian rivieras and islands and
up to five UNESCO World Heritage sites, with excursions featuring Corsica, Sardinia, Florence, 
Italy’s Cinque Terre, Čze, Monte Carlo, Cannes and Nice.

Russian Waterways 09/01/14 - 09/07/14

Cruise with us for nine nights aboard the exclusively chartered, deluxe M.S. VOLGA DREAM, the 
premier ship cruising Russia’s waterways. Enjoy time in St. Petersburg and Moscow and visit the 
open-air museum of Kizhi Island, the 14th-century monastery of Goritsy, medieval Yaroslavl and 10th
-century Uglich. Optional two-night St. Petersburg Pre-Cruise and two-night Moscow Post-Cruise 
are available.

Paris to Provence 09/01/14 - 09/09/14

This exclusive French sojourn features two nights in Paris, travel aboard the TGV high-speed train to
the Rhône Valley, and a cruise through the Burgundy, Beaujolais and Provence wine regions aboard 
the exclusively chartered M.S. AMADEUS SYMPHONY. Visit Lyon, Orange, Avignon and Arles. 
London Pre-Program and Aix-en-Provence Post-Program Options.



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