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March 2017

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Official Launch of the 2017 Alex Bregman Membership Initiative

Former LSU baseball great and Houston Astros infielder Alex Bregman is putting his All Star skills to work for his alma mater as the LSU Alumni Association’s 2017 Honorary National Fund Chair – encouraging Tiger Nation to invest in Tigers and transform lives.

Just as he is making his mark in the major leagues, Alex is sharing his talents, time, resources, and energy to help LSU raise dollars through the Alumni Fund to support scholarships, professorships, awards, and other programs of excellence that touch all areas of University life.

As a loyal LSU fan and supporter, you too can play a big part in this effort – by becoming a member of the Alumni Association and encouraging your friends and family to do so as well.

"This membership initiative is pushing people, especially our young alumni. To think that, although you are busy, although you have limited resources, all it takes is $50, and you can help sustain your university that gave you the platform for your future,” says Kelsey David, Assistant Director of Marketing.

We're looking forward to continuing an exciting year with Bregman and feel this initiative will strengthen LSU Tiger Nation. Be sure to keep up with the initiative on our social media channels and online at We hope you will join us - Ya' with me? #Letsgeaux!

New Membership Card Roll Out

In addition to the exciting launch of our 2017 Alex Bregman Membership Initiative, the LSU Alumni Association is also debuting new membership cards! The new card opens up exciting opportunities for our loyal members by tracking your attendance at chapter and Association-sponsored events while rewarding you for your participation. 

Jay Ducote aka ‘Chef Tailgate’

By Ed Cullen

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Jay Ducote, food blogger, food products entrepreneur, and food radio show host, was in the Baton Rouge airport to catch a flight to College Station for the LSU-Texas A&M game. It was a trip he described as business and pleasure, but every waking moment of Ducote’s life is devoted to the preparation, celebration, and consumption of food.
"I’m going over there on behalf of the Bryan-College Station tourism commission,” Ducote said, airport sounds in the background. "I’m judging some tailgate food and making appearances. I’ll go to the Aggie midnight Yell and experience their culture to use on the radio show and podcast.”
Ducote (2004 BACH BUS, 2007 MAST H&SS) lets other celebrity cooks call themselves chefs. He’s the guy grilling for hungry tailgaters. "I have great respect for everything Chef John Folse has done” as cook and entrepreneur, Ducote said when asked if Folse was something of a model for him. "If someone put me in the same sentence with him, I’d be flattered.” Read more of Ducote's story here.
Our Condolences

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of our friend and board member Jan Liuzza in January. Jan was elected to the board in 1995 and served as chair in 2016. She was an enthusiastic, loyal Tiger, and we will miss her greatly. Click here for the obituary.
Mike the Tiger Announcement


Dr. David Baker, LSU’s attending veterinarian, is continuing to search for a tiger. As with Mike VI, Dr. Baker is seeking a young, male tiger. Starting in April 2017, the tiger habitat will undergo renovations, which are scheduled to be completed in August. Once the renovations are complete, the plan is to have Mike VII join LSU’s incoming freshman class in August.  Read More

For Ben Symons, New Orleans Is Perfect
When Ben Symons moved to New Orleans to work as a game designer for Gameloft, he knew the job was a perfect fit for his professional goals.

He didn’t know the city best known for jazz, the French Quarter and world-class restaurants would be the perfect place to re-ignite his passion for comic books.
"There’s a huge comic book community here in New Orleans, which is something I never had in England because comic books are such a niche market over there,” Ben said.

At the neighborhood comic book shop, Ben gets to check out the latest editions of his favorite superheroes, rummage through bins of classic comic books or participate in one of the parties the store hosts for Ben and his fellow enthusiasts.

Ben said he’s found the perfect work/life balance in New Orleans, where he can pursue his game design career with an established company while enjoying one of the most exciting cities in the world.

More technology professionals like Ben are discovering Louisiana is a great place to find great software and technology jobs. If you’re looking for a great job in the greatest place, check out, the site that custom matches you to your perfect job. Louisiana Job Connection is more than a search site; it’s your ticket home. Or, if you want to learn more about Ben’s story in a video click
Careers at LSUAA
Looking for a career that utilizes your passion for LSU? We have a spot on our website that shows our open career opportunities within the LSU Alumni Association and The Cook Hotel and Conference Center! We're currently accepting applications here for Chief Operating Officer. 

DIG BRAG Awards-  The Cook Hotel

The Cook Hotel and Conference Center at LSU has been nominated to win the DIG BRAG award for "Greatest Hotel for Out-Of-Towners," and we need your help to win! Hotel revenue supports the LSU Alumni Association's mission to the university, and every stay makes a difference. Every vote makes a difference, too! Click here to vote today!

LSU Alumni Magazine


The Spring 2016 issue highlights LSU physicist Gabriela González, who played a central role in a groundbreaking discovery last year –the first-ever detection of gravitational waves, predicted by Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity. González, spokesperson for the international scientific collaboration called the LIGO Scientific Collaboration that detected gravitational waves, was named a Top 10 Scientist by the scientific journal Nature, Scientist of the Year by Great Minds in STEM, and one of the top 100 Leading Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine for the LSC. On behalf of the LSC, she received the 2016 Breakthrough of the Year from Physics World for "their revolutionary, first-ever direct observations of gravitational waves.”

In LSUAA News, you’ll meet the 2016-2017 President’s Alumni Scholars and Flagship Scholar recipients and the new members of the Association’ s Global Board of Directors. Find out more about – and how to donate to –the LSU Food Pantry and get the latest sports news from coaches Paul Mainieri, D-D Breaux, and Ed Orgerson in Around Campus. In Tiger Nation, find out what former classmates are up to, read about "Chef Tailgate” Jay Ducote, Symetra Tour sensation and former Lady Tiger Madelene Sagström, and Father Tom Shuler, who answered the call to priesthood at age sixty-nine.

View the issue online 

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