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LSU 2018 Hall of Distinction

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Genius at work

Three years ago, the telephone rang in Susan Murphy’s office at the University of Michigan.

“The people at the MacArthur Foundation called me,” said Murphy, H.E. Robbins Distinguished University Professor of Statistics and a professor of psychiatry. She’s also a College of Science 2016 LSU Hall of Distinction inductee. “I picked up the phone. I was standing up. Then, she tells me about the fellowship and I just sat on the floor. I was standing up. I just sat on the floor.”

Sitting on the floor, Murphy had just been told she’d been awarded a MacArthur Fellowship, sometimes called a “genius award” of $625,000 to be paid in quarterly installments over five years, no strings attached. “The MacArthur Award gave my work validation,” Murphy said. “That’s very rare for people in straight, data science.”

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LSU Alumni Spotlight: Ryan and Laney King

LSU alums Ryan King (2012 BACH ENGR) and his wife, Laney (2005 BACH BUS, 2010 MBA), have developed a cell phone app to make it easier for you to eat crawfish.

“The idea came to us three years ago. At the time, we were having crawfish boils just about every weekend, and it took a lot of time to call all the vendors, to figure out who had crawfish and how much they were,” said Ryan King, co-founder of the Crawfish App, and a third-year law student at the Paul M. Hebert Law Center.

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LSU Alumni Spotlight: Denise Boutté

Denise Boutté (1999 BACH MCOM) parlayed talent, hard work, and luck into a career in the movies and television. Oh, and she has a cookbook coming out that taps the roots of her South Louisiana childhood, working title, Cookin’ in California with Louisiana Roots. 

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